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Probiotics: Boosting My Immune System & Prepping For Birth

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

You know I am all about boosting the immune system for better health. And one of the ways I do so is by including probiotics and fermented foods in my daily diet.

They balance the intestinal flora aiding in digestion and gut health, supporting the overall body's immunity to keep us strong and help us fight off colds, viruses and any other bugs.

And they also help boost the amount of good bacteria throughout the intestinal tract, a key for your health and for your baby's health if you are pregnant: since the baby swallows that bacteria (that will help his immunity & future health) when he is coming out through the birth canal! So it is extra important to include tons of probiotics at the end of your pregnancy more than ever.

Here are my favorite foods that include probiotics:

- Fermented Rice shop

- Fermented Soy shop

- Kombucha shop

- Kefir shop

- Sauerkraut

- Kimichi

- Yogurt

- Tempeh

- Miso

- Cottage Cheese

- Natto

- Fermented Cucumbers

- Apple Cider Vinegar shop

And my favorite pre + probiotic pill that I take daily is by SEED (code LAURA15 gets you 15% off)

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