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Punta Mita Trip Recap & Resort Discount

We love Punta Mita! It's one of our most favorite spots in Mexico, a tropical vacation location with year-round rays & temperatures that average 82F/28C with 70% humidity all year. Plus, although the water temperature is warmest July - November (really warm right now) it’s still 77F/25C in the winter months. And the rainny season is in the summer months, so it's a perfect place to escape the colder months in your country.

You fly into Puerto Vallarta, which is an easy flight from LA (under 3hours), another reason why we love this destination.

This time we stayed at the new Conrat Hotel which has the perfect mix of family friendly resort (a top priority for comfort) but also an elegant & quiet, a hard to find combination that is ideal to relax as much as we can with two toddlers.

The resort has so many spacious pool and lounge areas, including an adult-only pool too, for those who want to visit kid-free. But if you are a family like us, I loved that all the pools had kid friendly areas, like zero-entry pool areas, perfect for the kids to play, a big water slide (where we adults had way too much fun too) and splash play that they enjoyed so so much too. But what I loved the most was how peaceful and quiet it still was, even with these kid pool amenities. Win win.

All of the resort rooms have relaxing, luxurious, Pacific Ocean views and some, like ours, also include a large patio, dining area and a plunge pool! Our room was the “King Bed - Plunge Pool room” which was a perfect room to enjoy with kids: order room service and dine comfortably with views, play, and relax after they go to bed. These rooms also come with a living room, and the couch turns into a big sofa bed for the kids (you can also ask for a crib for your baby).

The resort also has a kids club ages 5+ in case you have older kids and want some alone time to relax by the pool or beach, or the SPA to pamper yourself instead.

And what’s been one of my favorite things of the trip: their 4 mouthwatering restaurants (with unreal architecture too) + 3 bars make it very easy for you to never be bored of food variety & dining experiences, even without leaving the resort.

  • ARBOL: This was our daily breakfast spot and YUM! It was just perfect. Had the best buffet selection with ANYTHING you can imagine, as well as a taco and omelette stations. They serve full American and Mexican options, you won't be bored going there daily.

  • PALETA. This was our go-to poolside lunch restaurant. More casual food, served daytime. We either ordered from the daybeds and enjoyed at their restaurant surrounded by their pools and with amazing views, so nice! Our favorite dishes: octopus tacos (if you like spicy), fish tacos Baja style (my daily lunch on repeat), and Mac and cheese + fruit plate for the kids!

  • MEZQUITE: This was our favorite nighttime restaurant, I can’t express how magical this spot is. An open-air restaurant, right on the beach. A mix of causal yet upscale, serving American and Mexican classics done over charcoal and fire. My favorite dish by far was the quinoa salad with salmon. The kids enjoyed their spaghetti and their churros are very popular desert. This restaurant sometimes is open for lunch too, perfect to enjoy lunch right at the beach instead of poolside for a change, I loved their coconut ceviche and Nathan loved their lobster roll!

  • CODEX: A dinner restaurant on the beach too but a little more secluded, and very, very elegant. Serving fish dishes and seasonable specialties. We had dinner once there and the vibe is out of this world. The perfect high-end-barefoot restaurant. The food has a very different twist, we loved it, but save it for a more special occasion, not for every night.

Finally, their beach is a piece of heaven on earth. WOW. Golden soft sand, wide beach, most beautiful lush mountains surrounding it, tranquil vibe, warm water year round, perfect shallow area for the kids to play, and fun waves for us parents to swim and jump a bit further out.

Everything was amazing, so comfortable to enjoy with little kids. I definitely recommend and....

RESORT DISCOUNT: I am so happy to let you know that after a few inquiries from you, the resort extended a 20% discount on any 2 night stay or longer. Woho!! Access the deal through this link I guess I will need to book again myself, I will see you there!


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