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Put You Energy & Time In What You Want More Of

This applies to everything. Your relationships. Your work. Your well being.

When I started my business I didn’t have savings, I didn’t have a network, I didn’t have many clients, and I had no profit. But I knew I had to invest my time to grow. It took about 5 years to actually start seeing margins, and they kept gradually growing. Those 5 years of sacrificing my time were needed.

When I started my page, no one was really “following” it for years. But I knew I had a message to spread and slowly, we became a tribe of like-minded strong woman. I think it took 4 years of consistent work to start building a momentum and real impact.

When I got pregnant with Sofia I knew I wanted to stay home with her full time until she went to part time preschool, and do the same with my 2nd baby, while keeping my business growing. I knew I had to invest time and money in re-structuring things, delegating more, training people... But guess what? After about a year of the transition I started making more margins and now, three years after making the shift, and staying at home full time with one/two kids, my margins keep growing without being stuck in the office all day and most importantly, enjoying my days with my kids.

There’s always new goals and new priorities in life that shift as you grow. The trick is to invest time in re-structuring, adapting, and learning new ways, so you can spend your valuable time doing what you love and want more of.

For example currently: I truly enjoy creating content and helping mamas around the world, and this type of work allows me to be with both of my kids more than my business-type of work which has me in the office. So I delegate / invest money on my team, supervise my business around naps so it keeps afloat, and I invest my “free” time into growing my social platforms.

You get it! Nothing happens overnight. But you do need to invest your time & energy in what you want more of ✨what do you want more of now?


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