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Quarantine Schedule For Working Mom + Dad with Toddler At Home

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

This is an EXAMPLE of what we are currently doing and how we are organizing our days, so that we both get 4h each of isolated computer/home office work to keep up with our businesses, and so Sofia has a structure of different type of activities, and some fresh air breaks while we can.

Of course, if a business call comes in and we are with Sofia, we can take (usually they are quick anyways). So we are flexible that way as well.

Above all, please remember this is an idea, and I distributed the activities by categories so there's always a mix of different types (educational, physical, fun...) but of course we are also flexible and go with the flow with the activities too depending on her mood and interest, but having a set schedule also helps us with ideas, not be repetitive, and be able to offer her things to do and not just "hang out"!

For a list of full activities that toddlers can do at home, click here.


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