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Real Me Time As a Mom

Although being a mom, it may FEEL like me time is just any time you get by yourself; real me time (to recharge and unwind) is NOT the time you get alone running errands, cleaning the house, driving to an appointment, working, or doing the essential hygiene chores like quickly showering.

Trust me, I get the feeling and perception we get now when doing ANYTHING feels like a vacation.

But we NEED real me time to truly unplug and reset, even if it's just on small short windows, even if it's on special occasions.

I know it's not realistic to get much of it with little kids, and it's okay because it's a stage, and sometimes it's simply impossible.

But being conscious of the importance of it and the need to truly do things for ourselves, here and there, is needed to make sure we do get it done & squeeze it in however we can.

Weather it's postponing cleaning for a few minutes to workout during nap time.

Waking up earlier to drink coffee and meditate peaceful.

Or unplugging with a random show when the kids go to sleep.

There will always be chores and work to do, so stopping and doing some things that fuel our soul, that help us truly disconnect from our nonstop duties, is much needed and helps us come back to the crazy motherhood days with a better approach and energy 💫

My favorite way of me time is the gym :) What's yours?

How do you make sure you get real me time?

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