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Stokke Trailz Stroller Review

Updated: May 4, 2020

After 15 months of usage, I thought it would be great to do a review.

The Stokke Trailz is a luxury all-terrain stroller with a reversible seat that is designed for active parents who like to spend a lot of time outdoors no matter the season or terrain. As you’ve probably guessed from the name of the model you can easily take if off road and tackle the trails. Uneven city streets (great for LA), snow, sand or gravel wouldn’t be a problem when you are strolling with this buggy. These large all-terrain air-filled tires can handle anything! This is one of the reasons why I do love this stroller: we can take it anywhere and it's so comfy to manage.

The air-filled wheels have much better natural suspension and provide much smoother ride than foam-filled. For those parents who mostly walk on even surface, foam filled tires will be enough. But, if you want to take it to the sandy beach or snowy street, it’s better to have air-filled tires.

The Trailz comes with a reversible seat, but can also be converted into a travel system or a pram. I also loved this! Sofia used the car seat travel system all the time from 0 months to 5 months, before shifting to the stroller chair. It was so convenient to not have to wake her or transfer her from the car to the stroller (easily sticking the car seat on to the trailz legs). Also perfect for LA: we drive everywhere so a travel system was a MUST!

I chose NOT to have the bassinet, for our lifestyle, it was not necessary. As I just said, we drive everywhere in LA so the car seat was enough AND (important) we were never out more than 2h the most, where the car seat is OK. But if your lifestyle with a newborn (0-3m) is to be out all day or walk a lot from your house, then it may come handy. Note: After 3 months, Sofia NEVER wanted to be laying down, she wanted to "sit up" so she would not have used the bassinet past 3months anyways. For me, not worth the money and I am glad I did not get it.

Another amazing feature of the Trailz is that the basket underneath the stroller is HUGE. This is probably a #1 necessity as a mom: you want to be able to fit as many things possible, even the diaper bag, blankets, coats, groceries... You don't want to carry anything when you are pushing a stroller. And this one is the biggest one I have ever seen. DEF the reason why you should get the Trailz over the Xplory (which has a tiny basket space). Since the stroller is heavy it can also carry your bags and tons of weight. Another plus.

On the contrary, it's bulky and not light. Together with the seat, it weighs 30 lbs. On the bright side, you will never have to lift it up with the seat since you need to remove the seat before folding the frame anyways. So it's 100% fine, to me personally, this is not an issue. But yes, it's a heavy stroller.

It's also bulky, which means you NEED space in your car and at home. It does not fold tiny like many other strollers. But to me personally, this is not an issue either as I have a perfect spot to place it at in the entry of my home (does not bother us whatsoever) and, my car is a Jeep Grand Cherokee so it takes 1/3 of the trunk, also not a big of a deal. But if you have a small car or a small entry way at your home, reconsider!

Sofia went rear facing until she was 10 months or so and currently loves to go forward facing, another reason why I love to have this option. And, I love it that it's super high, she sits pretty much the highest she can sit, so she is closer to me, than to the ground. She loves it too and always wants to get on it! And she loves sitting straight forward and not leaning back as many strollers do (this one has three positions, although if she fell asleep, this one would be more uncomfortable, but for our lifestyle, she would never need to sleep on this stroller, as she used the car seat when she was a baby and did fall asleep outside).

I would just recommend 100% getting a travel stroller if you get this stroller for every day use. To this day I still have not taken it for traveling because of the reasons mentioned (bulky, heavy and expensive). So we got a travel stroller too. Super compact.

Stokke also does NOT use flame retardants nor do their products contain BPA, PVC or phthalates among other toxic components.

Finally, the price is def not cheap. You can get it around #1,100 HERE and it comes with a rain cover, bug net, bumper bar, etc.


- Huge basket

- Smooth drive

- All terrain for crazy uneven LA streets, snow, beach, etc

- Sofia sits high up

- Forward & rear facing

- Three positions with deep recline

- Adjustable handlebar

- Adjustable foot rest

- Large air wheels

- Rear suspension

- Easy fold

- Travel system option


- Pricey

- Bulky

- Heavy

For more, I also did a post on "How to choose a stroller" you can read it here.

And below you can see how it looks in all positions, with the car seat, and details.

PS: Mine is a limited edition, that's why the color is really hard to find. It's called "Nordic blue" and there was also a limited edition the year prior called "Nordic green"


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