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Running a Business While Pregnant

Updated: May 14, 2020

Being an entrepreneur means working through challenges. But running a business while pregnant comes with a unique set of challenges. I am proud of how I've been handling being a be a mom-to-be (dealing w pregnancy symptoms & planning for baby's arrival) and running my business.

So for all of those girls who aspire to do this one day, or are currently going through this, here are my main tips:

- Give birth to the business before the baby. Having a stable business, with a strong client base and a steady team is crucial. I've been able to rely on my team and not worry about my income.

- Understand that, there will not be maternity leave like it would be with a regular job. In MY business, a service business where I have to be so on-it to deliver, I can't afford to take off and lose the momentum I worked so hard to gain. But...

- Plan the fourth trimester during your pregnancy: I'm already planning the 1st fee months of baby girl's life. Being an entrepreneur is the ability to schedule your own working hours: so decide how your working hours will change and start making the switch even before the baby arrives.

- Project-manage your pregnancy. Treat your pregnancy as you would any other large-scale project. Plan. Organize. Delegate. Execute.

- Be flexible. You don't know what kind of pregnancy you're going to have until you have it. So listen to your body and modify as you go.

- Be loud. Entrepreneurial moms-to-be should announce the pregnancy with enthusiasm and a plan for what the new being in your life will mean for the business, both before and after birth, to quell concerns about your ability to run the business effectively.

Don't be scared. We got this mamas!

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Billi Jean
Billi Jean
20 avr. 2023

Great article!

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