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Say Goodbye To 2020: Much Needed Exercise

We CAN control and CREATE so much, even through external noise, challenges and unexpected.

We are powerful and it’s truly up to us.

Intentions give you purpose, inspiration and motivation, and they can truly change your life. YOU are in charge of so much more than you think.

Here’s a good exercise to finish the year + how to create proper goals, to start manifesting & creating.

1. Write down 3 lessons learned in 2020 that you are taking with you in 2021

2. Write down 5 best memories of 2020 for gratitude

3. Write down 3 things you are proud of yourself for in 2020 for self-grace and empowerment

4. Write down 3 things you want to let go of 2020. Be specific: exact bad habits, toxic people...

5. Write down 2 mindset changes you want to make for example, I had fear of the unknown in 2020: In 2021, I’ll trust the process instead

6. Write down your top 5-10 goals for 2021:

  • Make sure they are specific, if you want to “go to bed earlier” set a time instead: “be in bed by 10:30pm

  • From each goal, map out the plan: If your goal is “to be healthier” it’s hard to accomplish it without actions and intentions. These could be cutting off processed food, eating more organic produce, exercise X times a week, etc

  • Make time for each goal: if you want to exercise more, schedule a set time slot. Keep working on it through the year as your schedule changes to ensure time blocked

  • Make more habit-oriented goals

  • Talk to people about your goals so they keep you accountable

7. Choose 1 word that embodies what you want to be/feel/do in 2021! Gratitude, patience...

All of this will give you empowerment, reflection and a clear vision of what you truly want to create in the next few months, which will indirectly shape your path and allow you to reach those goals.


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