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Self Discipline

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Whether in diet, fitness, work, ethic or relationships, self-discipline is the number one trait needed to accomplish goals, lead a healthy lifestyle and ultimately, be happy. Start working on it today! How?

1. Remove temptations. Self control from all distractions from your environment is a crucial first step when working to improve your self discipline. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

2. Eat regularly and healthily. Low blood sugar often weakens a person’s focus and are much more likely to have a weakened control in all areas of our life.

3. Don’t wait, do! Break a bad habit and build a new one, no excuses. Just start doing whatever you want it to become a habit and eventually, it will be!

4. Schedule breaks, and rewards. A nice meal, a good massage, a day at the beach... Reward your effort on OCCASIONAL basis so you truly appreciate those treats 

5. Move forward. You will have ups and downs, the key is to keep moving forward. Don’t get wrapped up in guilt, anger, or frustration!


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