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Soaking In Family-Of-Three Time Before Baby

When I had Sofia, I decided to have no visitors or meet anyone for the first 6-8 weeks of her life. It honestly was the best decision ever, we were in our own bubble soaking that time, just the three of us, with no distractions, getting to know her and our new life-balance.

I had planned to do the same with our second. And due to the social distancing, we have been "forced" to be in our own bubble full-time again, a few months earlier than planned.

Life has re-directed us to just us three, one more time, and although I pretty much have spent full-time with Sofia her 2+ years of life, these months in our own world right before our boy comes, have definitely opened our eyes in new ways we can do things, it has given us precious family-of-three time that we will forever be grateful for, and it has also shown us to be an even better team.

I now face the newborn stage, again with no family around, no nannies, and while having to keep up with my business, exactly like I did with Sofia, yet adding a toddler to the mix! And trust me, Ive never been scared, I always knew it would not be easy but that I would figure things out, day by day, just like I did two years ago.

And now, after COVID hit, with the changes and the craziness going on in the world, I can tell you that I am MORE ready than ever for this challenge!

Struggles empower me.

I choose to learn and grow from them.

My whole purpose of this platform was to show you that challenges happen daily, to all of us. That life brings unexpected shifts constantly, and things are never easy. But that we can get through it all, one step at a time. With hard work. With patience. With discipline. With flexibility. And with a positive strong mindset, attitude and actions.

We are ready to embark a new crazy wild ride, and we can't wait to take you along!


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