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Sofia's 1.5 Year Old Schedule

Sofia has been doing one nap since she was 13 months, so her schedule has not really changed that much since then. However, it's time for a little update. Here is a simple breakdown of what she currently is doing.


1. She sometimes isn’t tired until 10 regardless of if she naps less or the same. She’s a ball of energy. But personally, I rather her go to bed later than wake earlier. I know toddlers that do go to bed at 7, it gives you more time to unwind, but... then they are up at 5am sharp. You can't have it all so I am not complaining.

2. The two big blocks of playtime is when we either meet friends, do a social outing, do a family activity, go to the gym/kids club.

3. Of course, everyday is totally different based on if it’s a work day, travel day or weekend.

4. She does snack in between activities as well, toddlers tend to be snackers, and that’s ok as long as I have little healthy snacks to give her through the day, I’m totally fine with it: the less pressure I give her to eat, the better relationship she has with food and the better she eats. She def knows if she’s hungry. I also love giving her nutritious shakes because she sometimes wants to drink instead, and the healthy cold pressed pouches are also a great option for in between meals and on-the-go!

5. Yes, she still wakes at night usually around 4/5am sometimes is thirsty sometimes she wants to wake and then she goes back to sleep usually until 730. But if she’s been teething or something def wakes more often.

I guess this will be her schedule for a long time... until maybe, she stops napping and goes to bed earlier, around 3/4 years old? I will keep you posted.


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