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Sofia's Big Girl Bed Transition

This girl is definitely becoming a big girl on her own! We honestly didn’t plan to transition her into a big girl bed. But it’s been another of those organic changes and I’m happy to go through before the baby gets here! So how did it happen? A month ago we changed our bed from a Queen to a Cal King, and literally the same day, I got sick with the flu. So daddy took our old queen mattress and placed it in Sofias room because:

1. He didn’t want to get sick sleeping with me while contagious

2. That way he could hear Sofia if she needed anything or when she woke up, because he sleeps through ANY noise so if he slept in another room, there’s absolutely no way he’d hear her. Sofia then got jealous of the queen bed and started wanting to sleep there. It was on the floor since we had sold the frame, so I thought hey, why not just try and let her sleep there. So she did and shes been super happy & good about it. So I moved her old crib to my bedroom (ready for baby number 2: one less item that I have to buy him & can be re-used instead) and she can get her “big girl bedroom”. The only thing I need to do now is find a toddler queen bed frame that I like (keeping it low in the ground, with some railings, and cute), I think I found one but need to make sure & buy, and meanwhile, she’s fine as it is. I could switch her to any smaller mattress/frame (tons of options then) but honestly, I LOVE her having a big bed to roll in, and daddy can lay in it to read her books... it’s so cute! And if there’s a day when she’s sick & needs daddy sleeping with her while I’m with the newborn/baby, we can do that with her queen bed too! It was not planned but I do love it and it works. Once I buy the bed frame I’ll show you a photo and video of her new big girl room! And luckily, my room is big enough for the cal king + crib + bassinet lol. Plus, the bassinet is only for the first few months. Then we can store it again. Anyways, my house has been a puzzle game lately. Definitely getting ready for our new addition!


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