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Sofia's Full Schedule at 6 months

I've been asked to share Sofia's full schedule so many times, and I was hesitant of doing so because although yes, we have a schedule and it makes life easier (for mom and baby) I am also a believer of flexibility.

Overall, I follow this and I schedule my appointments/meetings/social times around it so I can assure Sofia is in her best mood (having eaten & slept properly at home) and I can get my most work done.

If I have to be out during her nap or feeding times, I make sure that only happens once a week, and that it's one nap/feeding of the day only... but I am also OK with doing that on specific occasions when we need to be out and about.

How did I create this schedule? Mixing the advice from my Baby Sleep Trainer who helped me get her on a napping schedule + my Pediatric Nutritionists Dra Mafer & Vanessa (who helped me understand when she should eat and how) + seeing her patterns (for example I have seen that from 4 months to 6 months she has shifted to need more awake time so her naps are slightly later).

Please note I am also super flexible with the boob, I have always let her guide me and it's always been on demand, she created her own schedule and with solids this seems to work, but, if any day she is drinking less water I obviously give her more boob snacks - hydration is my #1 concern as it's hot and she needs to drink to poop the solids!!

Also, she typically eats everything in her meal during meal time. But some days she does not: then I give it to her later.... so that's flexible too. My main concern is to get her to eat the nutrients she needs that day.

With this said, here it is:

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