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Stimulating Toddler Development

I constantly get questions about Sofia, and when she started doing certain things. It’s normal that we tend to compare our kids but the truth is that they all develop differently, and that doesn’t mean anything.

Some develop motor skills first, others memory, others verbally. Others overall faster, others slower. Comparing them may just stress us out, which won’t help anyone. What we can focus on is keeping our toddlers motivated, challenged and stimulated in many different ways.

So today I am sharing a few things I do that you can easily do to challenge all toddler developmental skills.

1. Read books daily. Different type of books: stories, object naming, rhymes.

2. Say what you are doing out loud. I always tell Sofia, step by step, how I do things when I cook or do home chores.

3. Engage with them and ask things: are you playing with the train? Are you coloring? Do you like this color? Are you feeding your doll? She always responds now.

4. Sing songs, especially those that teach things like head shoulders knees and toes. For example.

5. Point to things around and say the words, especially when they want something They are pointing at.

6. Count.

7. Show that you listen when they talk in baby gibberish.

8. Say everything you do with them “lets put the shoes on” for example. * Encourage them to do things like “go grab the ball” while pointing at the ball.

9. Play the “where is” game.

10. Go outside and explore, they learn so much from being outside. Try to at least do a few new outdoor activities weekly. Planning for it & having a play date join will make you do it.

11. Take them to the park or baby gym to push their physical boundaries too.

12. Take them to the beach and pool to play in the water.

13. Expose them to sensorial activities like sand, rocks and play doh.

14. Feed them balanced & clean. Avoid sugars and processed foods which don’t help their neurological development.

15. Draw with them, repeat colors and shapes.

16. Get dolls to take care of.

17. Do role play activities.

18. Do playdates and social encounters.

I would love to read what else you do so I can also implement your ideas, and others can read too!


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