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Stomach Bug: What We Did To Recover

Unfortunately, I had two stomach bugs last year so I learned exactly what to do to recover. And this year poor little B got one too so I am going to tell you & link everything for you.

It all started at 9pm, he said that his belly hurt (he is 3 years old) and all of the sudden he started throwing up. This first vomit was BIG. There was a lot of food he threw up and it made a huge mess on his bed. Immediately washed and changed sheets. I thought maybe he ate something that upset him. But 30min later he threw up again, I knew it was a stomach virus.

I called the pediatrician and she told me what I already knew, that he would be throwing up a few times through the night and to allow rest in between, to try not to force him to drink water and not to worry about dehydration unless it kept going after 12h, that it should stop before then and after he could start drinking slowly again, but in between throw up sessions it would just make his stomach more upset. PS: This is not medical advice please contact YOUR pediatrician.

Both times last year, I was throwing up every 30min for 12h straight, so that was what I was expecting with B. And that is exactly what happened: he threw up every 30min until 9am. Yikes.

By that time we had no more clean sheets, no more clean towels, I had him sleeping naked because it was all a MESS (TMI but it is what it is). The good news is that, the more times he threw up the less he threw up. Except those times he then wanted water or breast milk and the following time he'd throw up SO MUCH MORE. So by 3-4am I told him it would be better if we didn't add any water or milk in his belly so that he didn't throw up so much and he understood

PS my pediatrician said do not give him water in between throw ups, if anything breast milk SIPS not a lot at a time. That water then would make his stomach more upset. But of course sometimes he asked for water and I gave in because I felt sad. The moment he drank it he did get more upset so then I did not give him that anymore.

By 9am it all stopped and the recovery began:

  1. I avoided gatorade or 7up etc... although that was advised by pediatrician. I opted for better sugar - carbonated drinks like Olipop and these electrolytes. And I poured everything in cups, only a shot at a time, and I also gave him a straw to sip on so he would do it slow. Every 15min I would refill it, to space it out.

  2. I let a few hours pass by before any food, probably nothing at all until the evening and by then it was only apple sauce pouch and banana slices.

  3. Day 2 he ate all day but only of the following: apple slices, apple sauce, brown rice, banana, toast. Everything topped with olive oil only.

  4. Day 3 he started to incorporate other foods, but slowly and the amount he was eating was still lower than usual, I let him go at his own pace.

I also have to say NO ONE ELSE in our household got it neither time, and it wasn't like we tried to do something to stay away from B because he was sleeping right next to me and Nathan all night pretty much throwing up on us (tmi again sorry but it was impossible to control that) so I am happy about that at least and I guess just wash your hands, sheets and everything but don't worry too much.

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Andrey Andrew
Andrey Andrew
11 sept 2023

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