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Stress In Pregnancy: Risks, Reasons & How to Lower

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I get so stressed and anxious in the first trimester, mainly because I have no clue how my baby is doing. External traumas scare me. And I also don't feel well, at all. I have to be VERY proactive in lowering my stress levels so they don't build up. And luckily, as I enter my 2nd trimester those feelings fade away, but I still am proactive through pregnancy to work on trusting my body and educating myself, for the best pregnancy, birth & postpartum experience.

Unfortunately, many women carry that stress and anxiety high during their whole pregnancy, which can lead to SERIOUS health conditions and complications during pregnancy, birth AND postpartum!

So today, I want to raise awareness:

  • WHY it's so important to manage stress and anxiety during pregnancy, and the risks we face if we don't.

  • Recognize WHY we build up stress and anxiety through pregnancy to be aware of the root causes.

  • And of course, SOLUTIONS to the problems: HOW to manage stress and anxiety through pregnancy, and postpartum.

Pregnancy should be a time of joy, of celebration, and exciting preparation. We DESERVE that. So even if it improves a tiny bit, I hope it improves your awareness, proactiveness and preparation.

Save it as a cheat sheet for later or share/tag a friend who will appreciate it!

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