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The Reality Of Being A Mom Of Two Toddlers

Real talk ✋🏼 Being a mom of two toddlers is as crazy as it’s ever been.

I PERSONALLY think the baby stage is so much easier, and the one baby + toddler combo was way way easier too!

But now... the nonstop demands, the drama, fights. The emotions. The intense love and need. The thousand reasons to cry and fuss. The negotiations. Multiplied by TWO.

It’s exhausting, wild. And I’ve never had to have more patience & energy in my entire life 😅

Dont get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are my why and the best thing in my life!

But in case you are also one of the ones who thinks I make it look easy. Im here to tell you: it sure is not!

Who gets me? Who else has two toddlers right now or has been there? 🤪


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