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The Reality Of Doing What You Love & Want After Kids

"You won't be able to go to the gym every day after you have kids" "You won't be able to travel so often once you have kids" "You won't be able to take care of yourself as much after you have kids" "You won't have a social life once you have kids" "You won't be able to go out to meals once you have kids" Things I heard pre-kids. Guess what? YES. You can keep doing the things you love after kids. Here's the real deal:

After you have kids, doing the exact same things will look VERY different. You will be able to go out to meals, but maybe at earlier times, maybe shorter meals, maybe at different restaurants, maybe some meals won't be pleasant. But you will still be able to and make the best of it. You will be able to work out daily, but maybe some days you'll need to go very early or very late, maybe some days you'll need to do quick home workouts instead. But you can still prioritize movement after kids and that will give you so much more energy to be with them! You will have a social life. Maybe you'll see friends 1on1 less frequently, maybe less time, maybe you'll make new friends who are also moms and will do play date chats. But you will still socialize and bond and be heard like you've never before. You will still be able to travel, maybe you'll do more nearby trips, maybe you'll do them less frequently or shorter. It may be more exhausting, but also more beautiful and you'll experience magical family memories you'll never forget. Here's the real deal: YES, LIFE CHANGES AFTER KIDS. But as always, life is in constant evolution. It constantly changes, every stage brings something new, and it can be just as magical or more. Yes, things may look different. Yes, things may be way more challenging and difficult with kids, it's like the difficulty level of finding time for yourself, of organizing your days, of doing things... goes up 10 levels after kids. But, life doesn't end. You can keep doing things, and it doesn't get easier, but you get better, stronger, and it does feel lighter.


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