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The Self Watering Plants I Bought For Our New Home To Not Worry While Traveling

WATCH VIDEO HERE: @easyplant makes it so simple:

✔️I only need to water (to the top of the reservoir) once every two months ✔️ Which allows me to travel for 30 days like I will be doing, and not worry one bit! ✔️ While it allows longer plant life: No over watering, no under watering ✔️It tells me exactly where I need to place the plant (direct light, indirect light, completely shaded) ✔️I can customize my plant on their website by choosing the size, style, pot color (yes pot included) ✔️Pots are so sleek and beautiful and come in so many colors to choose from ✔️They also allow me to know if the plant is non-toxic and safe for pets & people ✔️ Free shipping ✔️Comes boxed nicely, safely and fully ready!


Jack Torreto
Jack Torreto

The trees are so cool, they wrote about them in the dessert This helped me cope with my homework and finish college. I definitely recommend him.

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