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Things That Surprised Me Of Motherhood

A little over a year ago I did a post on "Things that surprised me/ no one told me as a newborn mom" (read it here). So I thought that, two plus years into being a mom I could do an updated version of new things that surprised me of being a mom, overall, not just the newborn stage. So here we go. 1. How I can function with little to no sleep. I was always that girl that needed 7h of sleep to feel human. Well, having a toddler that never slept through the night until age 2, I can guarantee, I surprisingly found the strength to function properly, mind and body. How? I still don't know. But I survived. 2. How no one lives motherhood the same way. Honestly, none of the "tips" or "experiences" I got from other moms were like mine. I expected a lot of things to happen one way, because of all the stories I heard, and I found myself living completely different experiences. Bottom line: YES I am open to hearing experiences, but I know those are THEIR experiences, and I am happy to explore my own with no expectations. I also am totally aware that, baby number two will be a different experience too, and I am excited to navigate that. 3. How no matter how things are done, there’s always pressure and opinions to do things differently, but the key is to listen to your own gut and intuition. Because it's YOUR baby. And YOUR experience (reference point 2). For example: I have been criticized for nursing for over two years, something so natural AND HEALTHY! And I bet that, if I had stopped or given formula early on, I would have been criticized too... bottom line: only you know your reasons so ignore it and keep doing you! 4. How nap or bed time can’t come soon enough... But then they are missed so much as soon as they are asleep. Ha! 5. How the mindset controls everything. Patience. Bad tantrum days. Low energy days. All can be fixed by the right mindset. 6. How anything new is a proud moment! Even the tiniest things. The biggest joy! 7. How it gave extra confidence, and a sense of “it’ll figure it out no matter what" type of energy.


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