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Things That Surprised Me / No One Told Me As A New Mom.

1. Night sweats: I remember sweating like CRAZY through the first three months postpartum. Wow I woke up in a water puddle! I guess it was all the water retention?

2. Breastfeeding HURTS: for the first few weeks. Like crying hurt every time she started feeding! At that moment I could understand how some people gave up, because it’s hard to push through. But hey I kept thinking it’s for the better and after the first few weeks it magically went away.

3. Dealing with weak days or having a little cold is ROUGH with a baby. Especially having no baby help (nanny or family). The baby keeps active and demanding and you just can’t rest. So make sure to boost your immune system even more when you are a mama and take it easy! Push everything else on days you feel off (work, social life...) and focus on you & the baby so you can recover quicker.

4. Newborn clothes are useless: I never bought any newborn clothes because I expected her to grow out of them so quick. But i was gifted a lot of really cute newborn outfits. Let me tell you dressing a newborn is a hard chore lol. I’ll probably just ask for newborn PJs next time.

5. The witching hour: what? I never heard of it until I had Sofia. Basically after 3 weeks or so she cried every night from 7p to midnight on the dot. Wow. Figuring out what it was (crying for absolutely no reason) was stressful. At first i thought i was eating something that was hurting her belly. I started freaking out analyzing everything I was eating. Changing things up but nothing got better. Luckily, ny midwifes told me it was normal and it happened to a majority of babies during those hours and weeks. And like everything, it magically went away somewhere in the two month mark.

6. You cry of joy for the first month or so, nonstop, at all random times. It’s like your emotions are all over the place and you feel like the biggest sissy. Like all the love hurts. In a good way.

Everything else of having a baby I already expected so it didn’t surprise me.


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