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Three Mindset Shifts You Need To Change As A Mom

❌ THIS IS THE HARDEST STAGE. DON’T THINK THE STAGE YOU ARE IN IS THE HARDEST & DONT RUSH FOR A FUTURE STAGE TO COME: While you may have a favorite and least favorite stage, or a stage that you found harder overall, let’s not forget that every stage has its easier and it’s harder parts. Everything is just a phase for the good, and the bad! But, we don’t know what’s coming, and if we allow ourselves to live with this mindset, then we can never truly enjoy the present, nor make the best out of each phase, even if they are in fact the hardest.

❌ MOMS DO IT ALL. Moms can do so much. But if you do it absolutely all, all the time, you’ll end up burned out, you won’t do anything at 100%, and you won’t enjoy the journey either! Remember, YOU choose what you delegate, what type of help you get. Don’t be stubborn and see what works for you. Help can be financial contribution from partner, family babysitting, a meal service, occasional cleaning... whatever works! HELP ISNT FAILING, DELEGATING HELP IS A SMART STRATEGY, in life & business, and it allows you to be the best version of yourself. You & our babies deserve that!

❌ MOM JUDGEMENT. Ekkkk. The mom judgement and comparison is very cruel. But we forget that often times the biggest judge and critic on how we mother is... our own mind! Forget how motherhood should look like. Parenting is all about learning as you go, listening to your intuition and your baby. The advise that you find in books, the web, or from any friend, can backfire and stress you out! It can take away your confidence and make you doubt. Remember to WORK ON SHUTTING DOWN THE EXPECTATIONS, OPINIONS AND ADVISE (FROM OTHERS & IN YOUR HEAD) AND INSTEAD START GOING WITH THE FLOW & BUILDING THAT BEAUTIFUL INTUITION OF YOURS ✨

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Which mindset shift of the 3 above have you done and has allowed to improved your mom journey?


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