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Tips For A Newborn Photoshoot

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

My newborn photographer was @pattyothonphotography ranked #1 in California. The pics turned out SO cute and, such a beautiful memory to keep! If you are thinking of doing a newborn session, here are a few tips that may help you:

▫️ Book the session at 4m pregnant to ensure your date

▫️ Bring the “soothie” pacifier (soothes and don’t worry, it helps baby latch so it won’t interfere nor create a habit in such short time)

▫️ File baby’s Nails so they don’t scratch their face during the session

▫️ The room is at 85F for baby to be nice and warm, so make sure YOU dress accordingly too! You’ll be there a 3-4 hours

▫️ Patty had plenty of snacks and beverages in the “parents lounge” but make sure to ask your photographer if they provide some or else bring your own food & snacks

▫️ If you breastfeed: avoid dairy, whey, sodium, caffeine, soy, fish, peanuts, chocolate, wheat, beef, nuts, eggs, corn & citrus fruits 72h prior so you prevent gas and fussiness.

▫️ Bring gas drops just in case they do get uncomfortable

▫️ If you are NOT breastfeeding: bring enough bottled formula, they need to keep a full stomach

▫️ Remember, the session needs to happen at under 3 weeks old


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