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Tips For Feeding A Baby On Vacation

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

If your baby is still breastfeeding, exclusively or not, remember the following:

  • Make sure you are properly hydrated, especially if your holiday destination is hot! If you need extra fluids, chances are your baby will too – offer extra feeds if necessary. Stick to bottled water and refuse ice cubes.

  • Make sure you don’t overdo it. Your energy level (and your milk supply) will thank you.

  • Make sure you eat properly. Remember depending where you go: “if you can’t peel it or heat it, don’t eat it.”

Traveling while eating solids is a big deal! The amount they actually eat at first isn’t very much. You can get away with bringing a few things:

  • Jars of fresh food -sealed with no preservatives last up to a week (always refrigerated)

  • A box of cereal (quinoa, rice, oatmeal...sugar free, of course)

  • Pouches

  • The right spoons, plates, bibs...

  • And get local fruit & vegetables that require peeling and the baby has had before.

Researching a good baby-friendly resort is also a plus, my resort had baby food (single or mix ingredient purees) in every single restaurant, which gave me peace of mind!

To feed on plane:

  • You can bring any baby food and beverage on board but.

  • TSA will check it all so I recommend packing ALL baby food that you’ll feed the baby at the airport/on board, in a mini cooler bag, in your backpack.

  • Bring an empty bag for all dirty bibs and empty reusable pouches.

  • I personally packed her 5 groups of homemade food in individual & reusable pouches, enough in each pouch for two meals planning for all travel time, door to door.

  • Bring an empty sippy cup & tons of bibs and extra wipes.


- Always mix cereal with bottled water

- Offer extra water & milk feedings consistently through the day

- Always offer bottled water

- Never add ice

- Don't introduce a new food to the baby while on vacation 

- Bring your small baby cook

- Search in advanced if they sell your favorite baby food in the new destination

- Bring a cooling bag on flight & while traveling (to beach, restaurant etc)

- Get a baby friendly resort. I had peace of mind knowing my resort also cooked purees.


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