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Tips for Flying When Pregnant

Here are some tips to help you with a better, more enjoyable experience ✈️

✨Drink more water before, during & after the flight to help reduce the risk of dehydration. I recommend taking electrolytes to help with extra hydration & replenishing your body of these minerals that are vital to support hydration. You can always consult with your medical provider to know how much you should be taking.

✨ Wear compression socks. Pregnancy is known to cause a slightly increased risk of blood clots and overall swelling, especially in the lower part of your body, so a pair of compression socks to wear during the flight can reduce the risk of blood clots by helping circulation, and minimise swelling.

✨ Request a pat down, if you prefer. Opting out of scans IS an option. While some are comfortable with it, some are not. And I’m always the one to encourage you to know all of the options to choose from! If you want a pat-down instead of a scan, simply alert the TSA officer, let them know you are pregnant. The officer will lead you around the machine to a female TSA agent.

✨ Stretch before, during, and after the flight.

✨ Book an aisle seat to go to the restroom & to be able to walk and stretch freely.

✨ Bring healthy snacks, lots of it! Plan for delays.

✨ B6 supplement for nausea. Talk to your health professional before and to ensure what dosage is right for you.

✨ Mint gum for nausea.

✨ Magnesium before taking off to help with nausea but also as an anti-inflammatory, to be more relaxed, stress&anxiety free and restful during the flight.

✨ Wear comfortable clothes. Especially around the waste line.

Save this tips for when you get ready to fly pregnant and tag an expecting mama who will need them too!

I’ve personally flown in every trimester, multiple times, and I always say the same: if you plan on flying more than just a few hours, the sweet spot is the second trimester!

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