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Tips For Flying With A Baby

1. Bring a diaper backpack so you are hands free!

2. Let them be active and get tired before boarding. If your baby walks: No stroller. Walk, get moving! Or do tummy time on a blanket before boarding to minimize the fuss and movement.

3. Change diaper before you board and keep diapers and wipes handy in your backpack. Bring a portable mat.

4. Bring extra supplies, clothes & food: plan for delays!

5. Even if families with kids under 2 have boarding preference, board last to save up to 30min of plane time. Check in bags so you don’t need overhead compartment, and place the backpacks under seats.

6. Avoid the tail of the plane (it is busier, noisier and shakes way more) and avoid seats near bathrooms. People line up in front of them: less privacy & extra noise may wake the baby constantly.

7. An extra seat is much appreciated for comfort even if your baby doesn’t require it (especially for long & overnight flights).

8. Bring age appropriate food & snacks to keep them busy. Yes, security let’s you bring food & drinks for babies!

9. Bring comfy clothes, coverups, and a thick and thin blanket to lay baby down and for feeding privacy. You can use the blankets on the airport floor for tummy time and rolling over before boarding so they get their exercise even if they don’t walk yet!

10. Nurse or bottle feed during take off and landing to relieve ear pressure.

11. If your flight is short (2-5h), schedule it during one of the nap/s. If your flight is long (7h+) schedule it at night (a little past their bed time).

12. Get window seat for privacy, less noise, and to lean against.

13. Bring extra snacks and an energy kick for mom too 🤪

14. Bring a carrier, especially through airport when you are moving from one place to the next. It’s quick, easy, small and hands free! In some airports they even let you go through security with it.

Any questions for flying with a baby?

What are your fav tips?

Watch a reel video here


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