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Tips For Flying With A Toddler

1. Let them be active and get tired before boarding. No stroller. Walk, get moving, they’ll be seating later!

2. Go potty before you board. If toddler still wears diapers, change before you board and keep diapers and wipes handy.

3. Bring extra supplies: plan for delays!

4. Even if families with kids under 2 have boarding preference, board last to save up to 30min of plane time. Check in bags so you don’t need overhead compartment, and only bring 1 backpack per seat, to put under seats.

5. If your flight is short (2-6h), schedule it during nap time. If your flight is long (7h+) schedule it at night (right after their bed time).

6. Avoid the tail of the plane (it is busier, noisier and shakes way more) and avoid seats near bathrooms. People line up in front of them: less privacy & extra noise may wake the baby constantly.

7. Bring lots of activities like coloring books, no mess water color books, sticker books, and interactive apps that don’t need wifi and keep them focused and thinking.

8. Dress toddler comfortably and covered.

9. Bring a light blanket and/or sweater / jacket.

10. Bring lots of snack options. Wait until you are inside of the plane to feed so they are entertained by food. Keeps them busiest & sitting!

11. Bring healthy snacks for mom too to keep energy up!

12. The window seat for the toddler will bother less people around them and will keep toddler more in place.

13. A a backpack with everything, and have your hands free in airport. Take a look at my checklist for airport backpack in my free print page of my website.

14. Have them drink during take off and landing to relieve ear pressure.

Any questions for flying with toddler?

Watch a reel here.


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