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Tips For Staying At A Hotel (With Kids) During Covid

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Mini road trip socially distant getaways is what it's all about right now. But of course, you need to be extra mindful and have peace of mind! Here are my tips for selecting a hotel and what to do during your stay.

  1. Book short notice so you can ask for an accurate occupancy rate during the dates you are looking to travel, and so it can help you choose the dates properly too. The lower occupancy, the easier it'll be to social distance in the hotel common areas like the lobby or pool.

  2. Or book with flexible change and cancellation policies.

  3. Book hotels with large outdoor spaces & activities.

  4. Ask for the hotel's safety and sanitation policies.

  5. Opt for higher end hotels.

  6. Bring wipes to clean the door knobs, phone and light switches in your room. Even in non-COVID-19 times, especially during the flu season that's to come, this can be smart.

  7. Say no to house keeping. Put your Do Not Disturb sign on.

  8. Request a room on the lower level where you can avoid elevators, and have easy access to exits and common areas.

  9. Book your stay during the week.

  10. Request a room that has been empty for a couple of days: usually going weekdays at the end of the week (Wednesday - Friday) is better than early in the week, after the busier weekend!

  11. Skip the gym & indoor restaurants, if they are open. Do patio dining and workout outdoors: bring your yoga mat, or go for a beautiful nature walk or run.

  12. Order room service breakfast instead of joining their breakfast buffet.


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