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Top Life Balance Tips

Mom, business owner, wife, friend, fitness, wellness... balancing it all is not easy. Here are my top tips to take on everything YOU have going on:

1. Strong mind. The more you take on & juggle, the more challenges and problems you will have. So having a strong, calm, positive mindset is key to balancing it all. How? Replace any negative thoughts imm with positive ones, it takes time to master, but once you get used to do it, it will come naturally. And find solutions to your problems instead of complaining about them.

2. Planning & organizing. Having your daily to-do lists, mapping out your weeks & months. Knowing how to prioritize & what to do when. But understand that not every day will be productive, there’s always some days where nothing will get done. Be ok with that too. Be ok with flexibility among your planned day. Things don’t always go as you want them to go! I like to break them up by what to do when Sofia is asleep and I can 100% focus, what to do when she is independently playing and I can be next to her being productive, and what to do when she needs to get distracted.

3. Energy. Balancing a bunch takes a lot of your energy. And with the lack of sleep that comes with having a baby, it’s even harder. Fueling your body right is a must. The more junk food = the lazier you get. The cleaner food = the better mood & most energized you’ll be!

4. Delegate. The more you balance, the more you need to delegate! There are only 24h in the day and you need to delegate tasks to be able to get everything done. It takes time to find the right people to delegate to, but it’s key and worth it! Choose your battles. Choose those things you are good at and enjoy, life is short!

5. Reward yourself. Take a break. Break your schedule every now and then. This is why I like to go on trips every 6w, to break the schedule and come back refreshed & ready to take on balancing it all!

6. Multitask when you can. Don’t expect to do two things that aren’t compatible at the same time. Don’t expect to give your baby full attention while writing an important email. Remove expectations and do multitask only when it makes sense. Some days you’ll focus more on baby, some days more on work. And that’s what balance is all about!


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