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Touching On The Working Mom Dilema

AHHH THE WORKING MOM DILEMA. I get asked about this ALL THE TIME when I’m out! Do you work? How long will your maternity leave “holiday” be? So if you are home with your babies, when do you think you are going to go back to work? Let me tell you something.

If you stay home with the babies all day = You are a full time working mom

If the kids go to school and you stay home keeping up with all the housework until they come back = you are full time working mom

If you go to an office for a few hours, and come back home to be with the babies the rest of the day = you are a full time working mom

If you, like me, stay home with the babies and work from the home office around their schedule and simply delegate more of your work and errands = you are a full time working mom

And no, maternity leave isn’t a holiday. No matter how long it is, even if you don’t keep up with with office work

I simply don't understand why society labels "working mom versus non working mom" because we all work, no matter HOW the work looks like

And, not everyone has the luxury of choosing. So also: why judge if you don’t know their situation

Some are obligated to go to an office and earn an income because they need it. Yet some WANT to go to an office for a few hours and disconnect from the house and kid duties. Is one wrong? Nope.

Some are obligated stay home with the babies/kids because they can't afford help, and they need to do the work of a full time nanny, maid and cook. And some WANT this. Is that not working? Nope.

Some like me rather (and have the chance) to keep growing their business from home and be with their babies at home, and pay to delegate other things like some errands, work assistance and a bit of cooking for ex.

I absolutely LOVE my community because we support each other no matter how our days look like. But unfortunately, society and many other platforms don’t all do.

Let's focus on our OWN ways of doing things, and applauding others for pushing through their own days in their own ways, because no one & no environments are the same.


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