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Transition To A Mom Of Two

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

They always told me that, the transition from being a mom of one to a mom of two was crazy and a bigger one than going from zero to one. But... here's my experience!

Becoming a mom for the second time has been easier in a way.

1. I knew what to expect & I was able to prepare even better so I feel even stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. Which DEFINITELY helped me tackle the transition.

2. I now know that being a mom means CONSTANT changes. Rearranging habits forever, not just when you transition into being a mom. They change weekly: as soon as you adapt to new patterns, boom, they change again. So after 2.5 years of constantly shifting, it is easier to adapt to any new changes!

3. Having been through it before, I am way less worried. Which makes me face motherhood in an even more easy-going way.

4. I now REALLY know how quick they grow. So despite the challenges, I can keep an extra positive mindset and soak it all, because it will be over before I know it.

Main challenges of being a NEW mom of two?

1. I can’t get the low energy vibe I crave all day having just had a newborn, because of the toddler.

2. Less sleep & a toddler that requests lots of attention and energetic activities don’t mix well. So having my husband get up with the her ‪at 6am‬ is KEY so I can “sleep in” with the newborn until 8, and not be a complete zombie, so I can play w her too.

3. I do feel like I am missing on some Sofia time. However, I simply shift my mind and think that I gave Sofia 2.5y of my ALL. So she is the lucky one who got me exclusively for a while, her brother won't ever get that!

Finally, I think the age gap has helped the transition a lot. Sofia is now sleeping through the night (took 2years!), she is out of diapers, she just NOW does not fuss in the car anymore, she is more independent, she stopped nursing a few months ago... and all of these things have helped tremendously!

My conclusion? Of course it's more work. No doubt. But that's to expect, right?

More work.

More chaotic craziness.

More love.

More mommy fun.

And I still am open to a third.

So hey, it has not scared me... yet 🤪

You can also enroll in Postpartum Plan here to learn how to make a personalized plan for postpartum for the smoothest postpartum transition, as well as how to prepare your mindset shift to go with the flow and ease into the unexpected!


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