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Understanding Judgement & How Not To Care

When I became a mom I was shocked to see how many moms judge other moms. Why? I thought that this community would support each other more than any other!

I was wrong. I got so many false assumptions, left and right, from people that didn’t even know me. It used to bother me and I used to correct them. Now, I simply smile and move on.

I’ve realized that, judgment often comes from a negative place from within. Our minds want to simplify the process of information by putting obvious clues into categories and come to quick conclusions.

OR, we judge because we have negative emotions: others threaten how WE perceive OURSELVES.

I now know that, anyone who judges me has a problem with themselves. I can be at peace with my choices.

The less we judge others the more self-love we’ll have. The more self-love we have, the less we’ll judge others.


Just because some people smile though challenges, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going through them.

Just because some people juggle a lot without complaining, it doesn’t mean its easy to them.

Reflecting before judging and cheering others on instead, especially between us moms, would definitely make life easier, and we need that. Because we already have a lot on our plates. Don’t you agree?


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