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Summer Packing List For Baby

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

To carry on the plane:

- Baby Passport

- Enough diapers for the flight + airport time

- Wipes

- A thick blanket

- 2 changes of PJs

- 2 burp cloths

- Carrier (to walk around airport hands-free)

- Roll of plastic bags for used diapers

- Pacifiers

- Top changes for mom & dad

- Mobil Changing Pad

- Disinfecting towels

- Baby Tylenol

- A few toys/teething toys

- A cooler bag

- Enough pouches* for the meals that you are planning to be at the airport/plane and some extras in case of delays

- 2 to 4 bibs

- Sippy cup

- Bottled water (buy in airport or they won't let you bring it in)

- Spoons (if you rather give a spoon from the pouch, it may be easier without on the plane/airport tho)

- Formula/bottles if you are not breastfeeding like me

- You can buy a couple fresh foods at the airport like bananas which are safe * Ready-to-eat pouches are easier but I also bought reusable empty pouches to add my own home-made food.

To check-in:

- Vitamin D drops

- Organic & Pure Coconut Oil in liquid form

- Clothes- Socks - Hairbands / bows- Baby brush

- PJs

- Baby Sunscreen

- Extra bibs

- Extra burp cloths

- A lighter blanket

- Thermometer

- Nail filer

- Nasal aspirator

- Car seat cover

- Teething toys

- Toys- Baby shampoo/wash

- Beach tent

- 2-3 Plates

- More spoons

- More Bibs (especially if you are not planning on washing)

- More empty pouches

- Full pouches (especially of those things that are not easy to cook while on vacation, you can freeze them and put them in a second cooler bag in the check-in luggage)

- A box of the cereal baby is currently eating (Sofia is doing Quinoa right now)

- Big cover up bib (full body) for restaurant outings- Extra sippy cups

- Popsicle trays so I can freeze anything into a Popsicle before it goes bad- Feeding pacifier for fruit snacks on the go (beach, etc)

- Diapers

- Water diapers

Get there if possible (I recommend renting):

- Diapers & Wipes

- Stroller (rent or bring on plane)

- Car seat (rent or bring on plane)

- Bassinet (rent or ask hotel)


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