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What I do Before & After Trips to Feel at My Best & Get Back On Track

Something I do before and after trips, like right now as I have arrived from 6 days in Cabo and leave to Spain for a whole month, is the 5 Day Reset by Kroma. It’s NOT a cleanse, it’s a wellness lifestyle reset which allows me to be, feel and look my best by giving me the nourishment of highly functional, nutrient-rich superfoods and beverages during 5 whole days without restricting me and instead, allowing me to listen to my body because I do not need to limit myself to the instant packets only, I can customize the day by adding whole foods like vegetables, wild fish, free-range chicken, avocado and berries! It also conveniently allows me to focus on the hectic days before and after trips because there’s no meal prepping time, I simply add water or milk and it adapts to my on-the-go mom lifestyle as I can enjoy in the car, on a walk, at the park, or anywhere around the house while I am with the kids, which makes it so easy to incorporate to everyday life.

The results are incredible too, it leaves me full of energy, glowing skin, a clear mind, improved digestion, mood enhancement and a lean and strong body too. Absolutely nothing to do with cleanses or juice cleanses that deprive you (like the ones I used to do in my 20s before I knew better). I am obsessed with it and highly recommend the 5 Day Reset if you: ✈️Are traveling soon or have an event coming and want to feel and look your best 💪🏼Are back from travels and want to reset back to your daily habits 💫You simply want to reset and start healthier habits You can use my code LAURA for 15% off!


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