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What I Eat & Drink In A Day

7am: Apple cider vinegar + water

8am BREAKFAST: 3 scrambled eggs, strawberries, peach & banana slices and a wheat toast + water

9am: collagen chai latte with oat milk (see recipe here)

10am: kale, mushroom & asparagus quiche  + water

11am: electrolytes with immune system vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc + more (buy it here code LAURAGIMBERT gets you 15% off)

1pm LUNCH: curried chickpea salad on a bed of greens with roasted cauliflower, toasted pepitas, grape tomatoes and carrots + water

3pm: superfood plant protein shake (see my recipes here)

6pm: coconut yogurt, almond butter, blueberries, banana and shredded coconut + water

8pm DINNER: sole piccata fish with lemon sauce, garlic spinach and kimichi rice + water

9pm: immune tea (shop) with lemon slice & magnesium (shop)

You can watch a video of my day here.


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