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What My Toddler Eats In A Day: 2.5 year old

She obviously does not eat the same every day, but this is an example of an average day, what she eats for meals, snacks, drinks and the times!

6am: wake up time

7am breakfast: scrambled eggs, blueberries, peach, and oat meal

9am snack: banana with almond butter and chia seeds

10:30am snack: fruit smoothie (almond milk, strawberry,

12pm lunch: noodles, salmon, tomato slices, garbanzo beans, orange

1pm-3pm: nap

3pm snack: acai bowl with shredded coconut

4:30 snack: veggie and fruit pouch & rice cakes

6pm snack: kefir & banana chips

7pm dinner: avocado, broccoli, sweet potato, brown rice, black beans topped w avocado oil, blackberries

8pm: night time routine

9pm: bedtime

As for quantities, we offer a little bit of everything and she is free to repeat of whatever she wants!

We also don't force her to finish so she doesn't develop a bad relationship with food, one day she wont eat the broccoli and the next she will repeat broccoli. So we don't mind. We just make sure to offer a variety of foods in every meal, so it's nutritionally balanced.

And offer her healthy options through the day, without waiting for her to be super hungry, so she wants to eat what we offer versus junk.

PS: There's a whole Toddler Food highlight on my Instagram where you'll be able to see dishes of different lunch & dinner combos, for you to get ideas :)

And I recommend working with a pediatric nutritionist like the one we used with Sofia that helps you introduce food to your baby to avoid picky eating + detect any allergies carefully + have a balanced meal from the start at 6 months old. You can find all the info on how we introduced solids here.


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