What's In My Airport Carry-On Diaper Bag

I love a carry-on backpack for the airport because I am hands-free. And it is still big enough to fit everything I need. Note this is the extended full list, for shorter flights I of course remove some of the things!

Here's the list:

- Phone (+ charger)

- Cash & cards individually in one of the inside pockets (saves space)

- Glasses/sunglasses

- Passport, Baby Passport & ID

- Ipad

- Lip balm (outside pocket, easy access)

- Hydrating face mask

- Lotion

- Hand sanitizer (outside pocket, easy access)

- Face wipes

- Camera

- Headphones

- Memory card

- Directions/travel itinerary/address

- Diapers (count for overall trip duration + delays)

- Wipes

- A blanket

- 2 changes of PJs

- Bibs

- Food (purees in pouches + snacks such as puffs)

- Roll of plastic bags for used diapers

- Mobil Changing Pad

- Disinfecting towels

- Baby Tylenol

- A few toys/teething toys

* Please note for shorter flights I don't bring some items. Use accordingly to your needs.

If baby is younger you may also want:

- Burping cloths

- Pacifiers

- Top changes for mom & day

- Extra baby PJs

Note: We also bring the carrier (to walk around airport hands-free) but we don't carry it in our bags, we wear it (with baby) around the airport and take it off when we board, place it in a plastic bag (that we are given at the airport when we purchase snacks) and place in the compartments for the duration of the flight. So it does not bother us.