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Why & How I Am Giving Breastmilk to My Toddler, Again

Breastmilk is alive; it's packed with antibacterial, antimicrobial and super components to boost your baby’s immune system. In fact, one teaspoon of your breastmilk has as many as 3 million germ-killing cells in it!

If your baby becomes unwell, your body springs into action and makes specific antibodies to help your baby fight off the illness.

So, it truly is the best kind of (& personalized) medicine, and if I have it, why not give it to my toddler too?

I organically stopped nursing Sofia When she was 2 years old and I was in my second trimester and I thought that was a perfect time.

But as we are stepping into the fall, flu & cold season, and with everything going on, I thought: hey, I have the liquid gold, why not have my toddler drink it too? She does not need to go back to nursing... she can drink it from a cup!

As you know, toddlers can easily get sick. They are exploring the world, running around, experimenting and touching everything that they can, as they should. They may have picky eating strikes lacking nutrients. And by continuing to breastfeed, you are simply supplementing and boosting their immune system the best way possible and ensuring that they will continue to get essential vitamins and nutrients.

In our western culture, we have developed a societal, cultural norm that breastfeeding past the first year is somehow wrong or a little weird. But anthropological research has shown that the natural age of weaning for humans is between 2.5 and 7 years of age and it’s ALWAYS beneficial and provides them with energy, protein, vitamins, calcium and more.

I talked to my lactation consultant and she said that even if my milk is now catered to Beckham, it will benefit Sofia tremendously and will provide her with defenses and antibodies to fight infections and viruses that are be around us.

She said that between 3-4oz daily for her would be ideal. And she helped me find the time that's best for ME to pump based on B's nursing schedule!

Such a peace of mind to give her an extra boost this season too!


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