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Why I Drink Kombucha Regularly Even Pregnant!

Although there are tons of people afraid of drinking Kombucha while pregnant because of it's small amount of alcohol levels, those low percentages of alcohol do not affect the baby, and it does your body and the baby's system wonders, providing you a large number of health benefits if you consume while expecting:

1. It naturally boosts your energy, improving oxygen supply to the tissues when you are expecting also increasing the body's ability to abosrb non-heme iron, preventing the risk of anemia during pregnancy.

2. It detoxifies your body and prevents your body tissues from absorbing toxins present in the atmosphere.

3. It provides antioxidants 100 greater than Vitamin C and nearly 25% greater than vitamin E,  preventing the risk of chronic ailments and health hazards due to stress.

4. Prevents Hypertension, Dizziness & treats high blood pressure effectively.

5. Improves Immunity: thanks to the high amount of Vitamin C + its antioxidant power, which both safeguard you and your baby from inflammatory aliments, tumors and cell damage.

6. Heals Gastric Ulcers and promotes Digestion, safeguarding the mucin content of your stomach, also minimizing the secretion of gastric acid that damages the mucous membrane. And prevents risk of constipation while expecting.

7. Prevents Kidney Stones due to environmental pollutant

8. Supports the Nervous System with its ascorbic acid, several amino acids, B vitamins and methylxanthine alkaloids that are essential for normal and smooth metabolism in the nervous system. Drinking while pregnant helps prevent nervousness, depression, headaches and epilepsy.

Just note: During the first trimester, you may want to avoid drinking, as the small fetus is unknown to your body. Start including Kombucha past week 12, with 1/2 bottle, and slowly increasing to the full bottle. And always buy a reputable brand like Health-Ade.


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