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Why Not To Give Babies Supplements To Boost Their Immune System

My pediatric nutritionist was mentioning the other day how so many of her patients ask her about supplements to provide their babies with, to support their immune system during the fall & winter season.

To which she responded that this is NOT something to be worried about or even think of.

She said we can't focus on our babies growing up taking drops, vitamins and/or medicine. That we, as parents, should be worried and focused on a GOOD BALANCED NUTRITION which will bring ALL the right nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals needed for the baby’s good immune system.

And of course, to work hard on keeping up with breastfeeding until 2 years of age if possible, because babies DO need breast milk to keep as healthy as they can be (in the present and future), as it provides with the exact nutrients for growth & development, including antibodies, prebiotics, and probiotics, as well as substances with antimicrobial and other protective properties.

She also mentioned that we have to keep in mind that all of those supplements (vitamin drops and all of that) are full of sugar and other ingredients, and, that many times they are not even absorved by the baby’s body, which can cause gastritis, food aversion (because we are forcing them to take them) and, even poisoning.

You can read more on how to introduce solids to our babies, so that they have a balanced nutrition, here.


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