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Why You Should Freeze

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Freezing at -240 Fahrenheit / -150 Celsius is a quick and easy treatment that in just 2-3 minutes provides you with amazing benefits!

❄️ Boosts your energy ❄️ Speeds up your metabolism ❄️ Targets fat burn & cellulite ❄️ Improves your mood ❄️ Releases stress ❄️ It’s anti inflammatory ❄️ Helps with passive weight loss ❄️ Boosts Collagen Production ❄️ Heals sore muscles (great now that I started working out again, ouch!)

If you want to try Cryohealthcare they have three Los Angeles locations (LA, Woodland Hills & Marina del Rey) and one NY location inside Equinox Columbus. You can say my name, Laura Gimbert, and get a first-time FREE SESSION & 20% off any future package purchase.


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