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Will I Be Taking Maternity Leave This Second Time Around?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

NO, I will NOT. And no, I won't hire a nanny or have family around either. Basically: I am going to be doing the EXACT same that I did with Sofia, but with a toddler too!

The key differences this second time:

1. There will be 2 kids. Not “just” the new baby. Sofia can't start preschool 5 days a week in June like she was going to (well, technically, she COULD, but I am not going to send her just yet). So she will be home all day.

2. But due to Covid, my husband HAS BEEN/WILL be working from home too (unlike when our first baby was born) so that will be SUPER helpful & will compensate having Sofia home.

Why do I choose to keep working?

1. Its my own business. I am my own boss. It’s not a job. I can work whenever and however I want. And delegate more work when needed.

2. My clients hire MY monthly services. So although I can delegate more, there are certain things I would never delegate.

3. I am someone who needs to be mentally motivated. Who LOVES to keep the brain fueled of ideas and creativity. What I do for a living brings me passion, keeps me going.

4. I always knew that I wanted to be with my babies, until it was time for them to go to preschool. And just like I did with Sofia for + two years, I plan to do the same with my boy. It fulfills me to be with them and soak in the mini years, as much as it fulfills me to keep my brain working.

Now, don’t imagine me working from 9-6. As i said, I have a business. Not a job. I get things done, my way. I outsource, i can work from the couch, flexible hours, and do meetings remotely. Plus, I always work around the babies schedules.

After i had Sofia, I actually worked way LESS hours, but my business GREW more than ever. I LEARNED A LOT FROM shifting ways of working

Stay tuned: I am going to be doing a post on "My Postpartum Plan" where I will detail everything I am doing to prep for the 4th T.

And, once baby is here I will share our current schedules through the stages, just like i did with Sofia.

Stay tuned!

You can also enroll in Postpartum Plan here to learn how to make a personalized plan for postpartum for the smoothest postpartum transition, as well as how to prepare your mindset shift to go with the flow and ease into the unexpected!


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