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Working & Staying Healthy While Traveling

One thing I always get asked about is how I stay-on-track with fitness and business while I travel. I do it very often so, staying work-focused and fit is a must to keep me sane, productive & energized, as well as hop right back to routine quickly when I am back home in LA. Here's what works for me:

- I research the area where I am traveling to and scout for healthy restaurants, smoothie/juice bars and grocery stores within walking distance from where I am going to be staying at.

I eat similar food to what I am used to eating at home.

- I wake up extra early to get important things out of the way and enjoy the daylight later: Get back to all my emails, workout, do any social media scheduling...

- As for working out: wherever there is a gym (at the hotel, resort or apartment complex) I make sure I get a quick one in. It does not need to be such an elaborate workout as when I am home, a quick pump is enough, I am still going to be extra-active with outdoor activities.

- I structure the day making sure I can hop on wifi every so often, and can get back to any new work emails, making sure they don't add up.

- I go to bed early. When the sun is out, there is no reason to be out! I enjoy the daylight and get good night sleeps :)

- I discover the area with outdoor activities: kayaking, hiking, surfing, swimming, paddle boarding... I stay active through local adventures while I explore, my body burns so many extra calories and does things I am not used to!

- I take extra vitamins and probiotics to keep my immune system extra strong as it weakens while traveling (will get to detail in a different post)

- I use checklists for everything, from packing to must-do lists. I make sure I get it all done and don't waste my time.

- I take rest days and don't stress, the body has muscle memory and as long as I am active and eat clean and similar to what I am used to eating, my body will get back on it as soon as I return. In fact, the body will benefit from a break and will feel even better!

Bottom line: I first commit. Then, I play! You won't find more inspiration than when you travel, so there is no reason why to shut your mind off completely. You'll still relax and get the most out of it!


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