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Working With A Baby

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Highlighting some things about WORKING WITH A BABY:

▫️ Its not easier or harder than working with a newborn, it’s different.

▫️ They require less arm time/cuddles, and they start to play on their own and be more body independent. However, they still get bored quickly and need WAY more of your play attention & interaction for their own stimulation and mental development. Which takes up more of your focus. ▫️Before sleep training, at 3 / 4 months, she was the cat napping queen and I worked in 20min intervals, mixed with play. After the hard sleep training process she finally naps longer and I get her to do intervals of 2h awake/play time (where I work from iPad and phone - responding to emails and other stuff as I entertain her) & 2h naps (where I get to do amazing computer work!). And I get back to computer work once she is down for the night. No breaks!

▫️ Once a day we do an “outside activity” that can be a work meeting or coffee/lunch break! Which also helps my mind disconnect and her mind develop differently.

▫️Meetings are different now too, she does not sleep through them and instead I need to scheduled them right after naps, so she is in a good mood.

▫️Having a few different play stations helps us both tremendously.

▫️ Now that she is not a newborn anymore I could hire help to take care of her (as I don’t have family in town) or take her to a daycare, but honestly, I personally would feel like I am missing out on the best thing of my life. Taking care of Sofia AND working is MY choice. I don’t have to do it. I WANT to do it. And it is challenging, but it’s what makes me happy. And what i think is the best for her in OUR situation. I know not all of you want this and it’s not the most common to want this, but if it is your goal too, don’t let people who have not tried doing it, tell you that you can’t! There are easier days and there are harder days, but it can be done. Period.

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