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Working With A Mobile Baby

Of course things change from working with a newborn, to working with a baby, to working with a mobile baby! Currently, Sofia is being a crazy mobile munchkin. SHE WONT STOP. She goes from one side to the other in a matter of a second (how!?) she loves opening every single drawer (and is fascinated at how fast it can be opened and closed... which means I have to keep an eye because she can hurt her fingers). She loves to push herself up to a standing position on anything she finds along her way. She loves to find anything itty bitty tiny on the floor (which means mama's got to keep the house extra clean... because everything she finds she eats). Anyways. The challenges are different and new.

So I am going to give you a few pointers, and tips, on working with a baby at this exact stage:

- They require less cuddle/arms time than the newborn, and they are more independent than baby stage.She is now learning to play by herself (for longer than 5min) and loves to keep herself entertained by playing with toys or exploring the room she is at.

- This is great, however, the area mentioned needs to be SAFE because THEY GET EVERYWHERE! So my first tip is to baby proof the room where you are working. If you do that, chances are you can get more computer work than just the periods where she naps.

- I still do the daily "outside activity". Still SO needed. But, now this outing is more likely to be at a place where they can move: a park, a pool, a lounge, a baby gym... where they are moving (not in the stroller either). This way, they will get tired and use their mobile energy outsid

- Now she wont stay in the stroller unless we are walking. So work meetings with her are rare. I typically schedule them when my husband can watch her. Unless I know I can hold her during the meeting (depends on the client and type of meeting).

- I have different toys & play areas around the house. When she was a newborn I had a baby swing in every area of the house (office, my bathroom, living room...) so I did not have to carry the swing up and down the stairs. When she was a baby I had baby gyms in each area. And now I have "play areas". For example, a playard downstairs which she absolutely loves (right after naps, when she is more calm). Which also help me work as I know she isn't going anywhere for a few minutes.

- I continue to work on the computer during her naps and on the iphone/ipad during the day when I can. Mixing it with playtime & outings with her. See how I work with a baby tips here and our full schedule here!

- Finally, the most helpful thing is for her to be on a schedule and take good naps. During these I work on the computer the best, and, being disciplined is key: of course I would like to unwind when she goes to bed at 730pm, but I need to get back to the computer until at least 9:30pm and make up for the day!

Again, there are days that I can't wait for them to be over. There are days that I am super productive. So keep having zero expectations, and try to enjoy the times where she needs


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