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2nd Pregnancy: How I Found Out

It was a really random way, but so exciting!

I went to the gym on a Saturday morning to workout with my friend Remi, and we started catching up and talking about life :) I told her that it was the first month we had tried, and that I knew 100% that I was NOT pregnant, because it couldn’t happen so quick again like with Sofia, being realistic, and I also didn’t feel any symptom. With Sofia, I started feeling nauseous then at 3w!

To what Remi responded "I bet you call me in a week to tell me you are pregnant” lol.

Well, she did not get a call in a week. She got a call an hour after seeing me "OMG Remi, I am pregnant" 😳

After the gym, I went home, put Sofia down for a nap and showered. Then I saw a few tests around and I couldn't resist. Especially after our conversation. I took one JUST BECAUSE. I was very sure it wouldn’t be happening that first month, and on top of that I knew it was too early to get a positive even if I was (3weeks). So I knew it would be negative.

I tested, left it in the bathroom. Went to grab a kombucha downstairs, and when I came up I saw it OMG! Positive!

I didn’t think twice and immediately called Remi. I don’t know how many times I repeated “OMG” & Remi kept saying “what’s wrong, what happened” she thought something was wrong. “OMG Remi I am pregnant” she couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it.

I was even doubting the result. So I took a photo and sent it to my friend Elizabeth, who has two kids, and she immediately replied “oh my lord”. Then I knew it was true. Super shocked.

I kept testing day after day, and the line kept getting darker. It took me over a week to really really believe it.

Honestly I didn’t start believing it until I started getting symptoms, and then saw the heartbeat a few weeks later. It does feel so surreal at the beginning.

Wow. It was so shocking and so exiting!

I will never ever take it for granted. I’m so appreciative of my body and my babies. Just makes me want to keep working hard on taking extra good care of it. It creates, grows & feeds miracles!


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