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4 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I never ever ate healthy until I turned 26. Growing up, I had cereal for breakfast and pasta for lunch & dinner every single day. By 23 I started feeling very off so I started looking into changing my diet, but it took me 3 years of figuring out what a healthy & balanced diet really was. Finally at 26 I got the hang of it and I have been eating great ever since! I hardly ever get sick now, I have more energy than ever even with two kids, my skin is glowing, and my body looks better after two babies at 32 than in my early 20s. Live and learn!

2. I lived in Bloomington Indiana with my family for a year when I was 10, and moved there again at 14 for another year on my own to be an exchange student. If it wasn’t for those two years abroad I wouldn’t have moved to LA on my own after college. Life experiences truly shaped me and that’s why I want to give my kids as many experiences as possible, especially through seeing the world, learning about cultures & people.

3. I personally learned absolutely nothing in my University years and EVERYTHING by exposing myself to the work filed. Once I was done with my 4 years studying my bachelors in Public Relations and Advertising in the University of Barcelona I literally had no clue how I would be able to work if I had learned nothing. I continued my studies in Marketing at UCLA and... learned nothing new there either. It wasn’t until I started interning and working that I really started learning all that I currently do now. So that’s why I always hire people with the right values, work ethic & skills rather than studies, especially in my business!

4. After 10 years living in Los Angeles I am seriously considering leaving the city. After two kids, and many lifestyle changes, I feel the need to relocate somewhere more zen. Plus, since March I haven’t had to see any client in-person and we’ve figured out a way of working fully remotely (already had a remote team) so I don’t need the convenience of being in prime Beverly Hills. No rush because we need to make the right move & figure out where we truly want to buy.


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