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Balancing Planning & Going With The Flow

We tend to want to control things because it makes us less stressed. But the truth is, things don’t always go as planned, and that can stress us, so we need to let go and be flexible facing changes.

But how to balance both?

The key is to have goals, plans, schedules, to-do lists, knowing your direction, steps, actions... to be able to move forward and be productive.

However, our MINDS need to relax when we come across the unexpected. Be open to new directions, think on the spot and find alternatives and solutions. Not force certain outcomes. Not get frustrated when constantly adapting and rearranging.

Three things to remember to balance both.

1. Understand everyone is different when it comes to planning: if it doesn’t come naturally to you, maybe you will overall go more with the flow. Having structure is beneficial, but there’s no need to plan more than the basics if it overwhelms you.

2. Remember all tasks (activities, to do lists...) can be rescheduled. Just because you have X things on your to do list today doesn’t mean that they all MUST get done. Some can be pushed for tomorrow.

3. See if your obstacles are there to teach you a lesson or to shift directions. Sometimes life pushes us other ways we didn’t consider, and it’s important to be willing to accept those new roads. Let go of stubbornness and face the fact that flexibility not only applies to day to day, but also to our end direction.

If we let go and are open to this idea, life will always go the way it’s supposed to be, because we will accept unexpected shifts as part of our destiny and will live with less stress & anxiety.

Trust me, as much as a planner as I am, I ultimately WING IT, especially when it comes to motherhood! And I believe that this is the reason why you say “I make motherhood look easy” not because things always go my way. But because I plan AND accept constant changes and challenges.


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