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Beckham 13 Months: Update & Schedule


More confident at walking

Takes my hand away when I try to help

He’s down to one nap consistently

He is feisty fighting his sister to get a toy back

He has equally grown in fun and work ha!

He is also saying so many words (properly used) all of the sudden: hi, bye bye, night night... says broom broom when he sees a truck or motorcycle. Answers the fake phone saying hello, and waves hi and bye every damn time someone walks by haha.

He nods yes and no when I ask questions like he understands everything, I’m just so blown away (even with a second child) by how little kids are so smart!

When we go for walks he makes me stop to check every truck we see, something Sofia never ever paid attention to, which also amazes me how they are born drawn to certain things. Each one of them is so unique!

He still loves to play with role play items the most, like Sofia’s kitchen, fake food & little table, he loves to draw, copying his big sister, but also loves playing with his dinosaurs and cars.

He is such a fun water baby he could stay sitting in the sink playing with the water all day!

His current schedule, approx 30min give or take (always him leading the way) is:

- 6 to 7am wake

- 730am breakfast

- 1030am nursing

- 11am to 1pm nap

- 130pm lunch

- 3pm snack or nursing

- 530pm dinner

- 6pm bath

- 7pm nursing

- 730 bedtime

+ night nurses

Happy 13 B!

If you have any questions you can always ask on Instagram!


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