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Beckham’s 12 Months: Schedule & Update

Beckham is truly in the early toddler stage; he likes to play by climbing and exploring nonstop everywhere we go.

He is physically active all the time and plays very independently wanting to be in the floor discovering (unless he needs arms, then he is attached like a Kohala).

He can climb little chairs up and down all day, he loves to go up the big stairs nonstop (with me behind of course), play with his cars and the little kitchen mainly, and of course, he likes anything that's not a toy.

His favorite thing is to watch his sister play and imitate anything she does. Like he doesn't want to eat in his highchair anymore because he wants to eat where she eats, with a plate and fork too!

He still says mama and dada, yes and no, hello/goodbye by waving, no new words but communicates great with signs and pointing, and def let’s us know when he is mad lol

A big milestone at 12m was that he started walking, although he still isn't confident, so he mainly crawls to explore.

He is SUCH a friendly baby with strangers, just like his sister was. Loves to be in anyone else's arms, always smiles and waves to anyone in the street, and is going through an "I love daddy" phase, which Sofia didn't go through until she was much older.

He now HATES getting a diaper changed & getting dressed, it's truly a fight.

Another huge thing is his schedule transition, he is doing the 2 to 1 nap transition already (like Sofia too). It's been 3 weeks were he'll either do 1 or 2 naps. But usually 1 of two hours (instead of 2 of one hour).


6am wake

7am breakfast

9am nursing

930am-1030am nap

12pm lunch

1pm-2pm nap

3pm snack

530pm dinner

630pm bath

730pm nursing

8pm bedtime


7am wake

8am breakfast

1030am nursing

11am -1pm nap 2pm lunch

4pm snack

5pm dinner 6pm bedtime routine 630pm nursing

7pm bedtime

He now nurses TWICE a day now right before nap, and before bed at night (plus once at night, although he wakes more than that). Which is also less nursing sessions than before, slowly nursing less as he grows and eats more!


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